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women been afraid of their teeth in Vietnam?,which is derived from refined petroleum, with the scientific name PMMA, Acrylic can be transparent or colorful depending on the choice, has the advantage of degrees. smooth and modern, easy to work, flexible, compressed as desired. In our country, Acrylic is popularly known as Mica. Should teeth grinding treatment be used? Acrylic is a hard and transparent material but extremely safe and friendly to the human body. With superior quality and flexibility, chewing gum reduces pain, causes fatigue, decreases pressure on the temporomandibular joint, reduces fatigue due to grinding activity, helps you escape the risk of temporomandibular disorder, which is very harmful to health. The dentist said that after you complete the steps in the porcelain crown you can eat normal chewing as before.

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Who should cover porcelain teeth? vietnam dentist prices

According to dentist porcelain crowns are indicated for patients with teeth that are not cosmetic, Tetracycline antibiotics, fluoridated; poor dental enamel (enamel bad), imperfect enamel (process of enamel is not perfect); deep teeth, treated marrow, fracture, batch; deviated teeth, toothed spacing without teeth, …

Porcelain time depends on the number of teeth to be made and the condition of the teeth, usually completed in a week.

Is porcelain crown permanent?

Some cosmetic establishments offer attractive advertisement when porcelain crowns can be used permanently. However, Doctor confirmed that nothing lasts forever, that porcelain teeth are no exception, but that the teeth have a long shelf life, 10-20 years depending on the doctor, the origin of the material. material, technique.

How to care for porcelain teeth?

The porcelain teeth are almost identical to real teeth. Two hours after the tooth, you need to abstain from sticking to the dentine. After this time, patients can eat normally, no need to diet sour, spicy.

Patients should wear good oral hygiene to avoid periodontal disease, periodontal examination to the dentist.

Doctor added that the case of patients with gingival hemorrhoids gingivitis, gums, mouth syndrome leading due to technical and professional doctors are not good. In addition, this situation occurs due to raw materials, poor quality porcelain origin, poor oral hygiene, use of stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, pipe tobacco, …)

The expert recommends that if the porcelain crown is placed in unscrupulous dental facilities, the patient will face risks such as endurance, beauty, natural teeth, cracking, natural color changes. gingivitis, gingivitis, bad breath, tooth decay, painful inflammation of the adjacent teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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